Time for a rewrite? (yes, again)

I had the exceptional good fortune to meet Rob Corbett recently. Beyond teaching acting at several colleges and being a playwright in his own right, he is a most insightful script reader. And a pleasure to work with. One of the challenges of a first-time script writer (that’s me), is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Yes, there … Read More

COVID? Really?

After months of networking, meeting exceptionally talented people, and learning more about the details of the business of musical theatre, I hit an unexpected wall. Or rather, the entire industry did. While normally, one would expect to do a series of workshops with a new play, what is happening now is appalling: the entire arts community has effectively shut down. … Read More

The Power of Diversity: Feedback and Perspective

After two years of research, 100’s of hours in front of the computer writing and rewriting, playing music for hundreds of hours to get everything just right, 89 recording sessions, editing sessions, mixing sessions, mastering… it was done. And then, it wasn’t.   When I wrote my first book in the 1990’s, I felt the same: the masterpiece was complete … Read More

Research – About Musical Theatre

There always seems to be a trade-off between innovation and learning from those who have come before. I have always been an avid fan of musical theater; my wife and I have been sitting in audiences for decades. But we have never thought through how musical theater actually works, from the inside. So what to do? On one hand, before … Read More

Composition? Arranging?

Yes, these are actually skills that people spend years studying to get good at. In my case, beyond the basics of composition and music theory, I didn’t have music degree or a lifetime of arranging experience. But I did have time. After I decided to write the musical, I spent this time ordering books from Amazon, combing through the library … Read More

Researching Esther – the story

I had read the Esther story in the bible a number of times, and was always fascinated by a few of what I thought were unique attributes: Very strong female lead character. Bad guys who were, really, quite bad. Plot twists and surprises And strangest of all, “God” is not explicitly mentioned even once! I did understand that if I … Read More