The Esther STory

Story Synopsis

Set in the present day, Mr. Verious is the chauvinistic CEO of a major corporation. Unhappy with Verious’ sexual advances, his female VP quits.  This prompts Verious to recruit a replacement – Esther, a streetwise young women from the ‘hood. 

Ham, Verious’ conniving advisor, doesn’t like Esther or people like her, and slyly undermines her.  Esther finds the strength to speak truth to power: she turns the tables on Ham, and holds Verious to account.  Esther sparks change, and becomes the role model for all who are different.

Esther's timely message resonates strongly in today's world of #Metoo, #BLM, corporate greed, love, and the ability to drive change.

Book Notes

What does a great story need to capture your imagination?  It needs good guys and bad guys.  Love interests, intrigue, and several plot twists.  And it needs relevance to the issues of today: #MeToo, #BLM, corporate greed, the rise of nationalism, and so much more. 

When I originally read Esther – which was written thousands of years ago – I knew that this timeless story should be brought to life, today, for today’s audiences.

The story is the same, but I needed to update many of the Persian names to English ones.  Acheshverosh (Xerxes) the king became Mr. Verious the CEO.  Some names stayed the same, but since the paradigm is current-day corporate America, not the royal court of thousands of years ago, Esther the Queen, became Esther the VP. 

Randall Craig